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WordPress 5.5.1 Breaking Websites: How to Solve it - Customwp Agency

WordPress 5.5.1 Breaking Websites: How to Solve it

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A newly published fact suggests WordPress 5.5.1 has an adverse impact on thousands of websites. Removing a major and vastly used tool will eventually interrupt your websites. In this article, we will discuss why WordPress 5.5.1 is breaking
the websites and the solution to this problem.

Modification in WordPress 5.5.1

There are so many tools in WordPress that make our work way more comfortable. However, a migration tool named as jQuery -migrate is no longer available in the updated version of WordPress 5.5.1. Making changes in libraries such as jQuery
can be a lot of work; in this case, jQuery-migrate makes it easy. This tool could make many codes run despite being a deprecated jQuery code. This tool made sure that it re-established deprecated properties and behavior so that the code
will work properly on the present or later jQuery model.

Why was jQuery Migrate removed from WordPress 5.5.1?

There have been many disagreements from plugins and themes, causing many websites to fall apart. But the main question is, why did WordPress 5.5.1 decide to remove jQuery Migrate. To make sure the plugins and themes are not outdated and are
not using any questionable codes, removing jQuery Migrate was the most initial and essential step. As it is well known that WordPress always tries to use updated features, so it is more convenient to remove jQuery Migrate. By getting rid of
it, there will be one less JavaScript for the portal to obtain and perform, and it will also reduce the avoidable load from your server.

What happens after updating the WordPress 5.5.1?

WordPress 5.5.1 Breaking Websites: How to Solve it - Customwp Agency

Before the removal of jQuery-Migrate, it protected the older codes from operating on WordPress. Many developers and publishers have faced a lot of problems because of the removal of this library. After updating WordPress, it doesn’t support
any outdated codes, which lead to the breaking of websites.

The solution of WordPress 5.5.1 breaking websites

Mainly there are two ways to solve this problem, and you can use whichever you want. You can either install the jQuery-Migrate helper plugin or go back to using an older version of WordPress.


1.Installing the jQuery-Migratehelper plugin in your WordPress Website.

WordPress 5.5.1 Breaking Websites: How to Solve it - Customwp Agency

This is one kind of temporary solution to this problem. As with the updating version of WordPress 5.5, the jQuery-Migration will no longer be working, so installing this jQuery-Migrate helper plugin will help support the outdated codes and
give the developer or author the time to improve the codes. You can install this by going to the WordPress dashboard to see Add new under the plugin option. Then you can find a jQuery-Migrate helper and install it.

  • Search for the warnings given by the jQuery-Migrate helper plugin While you are using WordPress administration, there will be warnings but not on the websites’ front end. You need to check the browser console. Here you will
    find the warnings.
  • Updating themes and plugins As the themes and plugins are outdated, they will create a version update to install. After this, when there will be no warnings, the plugins will be updated, you can deactivate the jQuery-Migrate
    helper plugin.

2. Go back to the older version of WordPress

WordPress 5.5.1 Breaking Websites: How to Solve it - Customwp Agency

For this process, you will need the help of the WP Downgrade plugin. This plugin will detect the current version you’re of WordPress you’re using and then give the target version of your choice. To begin with, you have to install the WP
Downgrade on your site. After installing, you will find the plugin option on the settings page. After selecting it, we can get only one chance called WP Downgrade. Soon it will recognize the version you’re using, and then you can put your
desired performance you want to use. Then save changes. If you are confused about which version you should be downgrading, you can visit the website called WordPress releases section. You will know which version is more stable.

Disadvantages of using outdated plugins

Using outdated plugins and themes means you are only risking the security of your websites. It is quite an unavoidable fact that WordPress sites are not always very well protected; it can be highly vulnerable if we use outdated codes or
plugins. However, not all users are careful about their website security. But even after updating WordPress plugins, there is still some risk of getting your website data hacked. A proper backup will be beneficial motorways restore the
previous setup if something goes wrong.


It is well known that WordPress is an excellent tool for building websites, managing content, and so many other things. It is not entirely wrong to say that many authors, developers are dependent on this. So this tool must work without any
hassle or difficulties. In this article, we have discussed some issues about the upgrade version of WordPress 5.5. Here we have discussed a specific kind of problem we may face and also how to tackle this problem step by step. We hope this
article was helpful to you, and you have acquired the necessary knowledge to solve any upcoming projects you have.

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