Terms And Conditions


Custom WordPress Agency respects the confidentiality of client’s information and will never disclose any of your confidential information to any third party.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of the Project Contract

It is not mandatory for the clients to sign off these terms and conditions. With the acceptance of proposal the client will be alleged to have agreed to the terms and conditions.

Acceptance of Service

The service delivery is considered as accepted during the following cases-
1. The client has proved the delivery
2. The client had not shared any change request or suggestions within 2 weeks from the time the service was delivered.
3. The client has requested to proceed to the next stage of the project.

Delivery Timelines

Timelines for service delivery will be decided conjointly as agreed by the client and Custom WordPress Agency. The service timelines will come to effect just after the initial payment is processed and order details have been accepted by both the parties.

While Custom WordPress Agency will work towards meeting the deadlines, it is also required that the client would share all the project artifacts such as images, content, video etc. on time as any delay in producing these can lead to delay in project completion.


Although we prefer to share invoices in soft copy for the approved services, however, based on the client’s requirement we shall alternatively share a hard copy of the invoice.


The project will start when an initial down payment is made which is ideally 50% of the project value. This percentage can however be revisited for large projects. The remaining payment will be made once the design, navigation and inner pages have been built.

Refund of payment is provided on certain circumstances based on the “refund policy” of the agreement.

Additional Expenses

Any additional expenses which are not considered as a part of the proposal will be borne by the client. These expenses include but not limited to the purchase of templates, third party software, stock photographs, fonts, domain name registration, web hosting or other comparable expenses.

Refund Policy

The client will be entitled for either a full or partial refund (of the payment made by then) based on the following criteria

Entitlement of Full Refund

• When the client’s order cannot be completed
• When the client had requested to cancel the order before the design/development ha\s started

Entitlement of Partial Refund

• When the client is not satisfied with the resulting product upon a review on our test server
• When the client is not reasonably and legitimately satisfied with the quality of the service and provides a comprehensive proof of the matter.

Fixes / Updates and Post-Delivery Support

All the post-delivery fixes (if any) will be provided for free till the time the project is accepted according to the “Acceptance of Service” paragraph further to which any changes/addition/revision of request will be considered as a new request and will attract separate pricing over and above the price which is earlier invoiced.

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