Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get a quote?

You can share your requirements using our contact page and we'll connect with you.

Which currency do you accept?

As our major clientele is from US, we primarily deal in USD. However, we also accept all major currencies such as Euro (EUR), Japanese Yen (JPY), Great British Pound (GBP), Australian Dollar (AUD), and Swiss Franc (CHF). Canada dollar (CAD) and even New Zealand Dollar (NZD).

Do you sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?

Yes. We guarantee that any information of your company and project will not be out in public. We even add our client's projects in our portfolio after their permission.

Do you offer discounts on two or more projects submitted at once?

We provide you a flat 15% discount on your second project if you submit at the same time or in any future date.

I am not happy with the coding. Will you help me?

Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. If you're not happy with the coding, please let us know the reason and we'll do everything we can to fix it. If you're still not satisfied, ask us for a refund.

How can I contact you?

Once the quotation is approved we invite our customers to our project management tool where they can communicate with the project manager and developer directly through email messages.

You can also Chat and speak directly with your Project Manager. If you want to call us, our Support Team can be reached at +1.760.284.3410.You can contact us via email as well:

What if I have a positive balance with your company?

There are some cases when you may have some money left on your account. You can use this credit for future projects or request a refund. This amount is assigned to your account and can be used at any time.

What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept PayPal , Credit card and Wire transfer.

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