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Top 11 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Professional WordPress Specialist

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Today, establishing a web presence to get your products or services noticed by millions of online users do not take a lot of time. Gone are the days when businesses have to depend on someone to develop a wordpress website from scratch. As you start searching online and you can easily find hundreds of handy platforms which allow you to set up your website and stay in business within few minutes.

All you require doing is selecting a template, drag and drop some components and add engaging content. Novice or experienced wordpress specialists can easily use WordPress that does not require a lot of learning.

However, when it comes to having a simple wordpress website which is developed through using a template would only take you so far. Having a unique website design that you would usually expect from an online business must deliver products which work wonders, exceptional customer service and exceptional positioning might act like the catalyst for a flourishing business.

Take a Look at the 11 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a WordPress Specialist:

#1 What Sort of Files And Data You Require To Give to The WordPress Consultant?

Becoming a business owner, you must give adequate data to the hired wordpress specialist to make sure that your project works smoothly right from the starting till the end. Apart from the files and data, also consider the below mentioned essentials in mind while finalizing a deal:-

  • Read, comprehend, concede and approve all the terms & conditions.
  • Offer upfront payment form for beginning the work.
  • Deliver website assets such as the content, image files, logo files etc.
  • Provide your present domain, web host and CMS login credentials.
  • Give active usernames, passwords and URLs of all of your social media accounts.
  • Account login credentials for analytics and webmaster tools.
  • Answer important questions connected to the digital marketing strategy.

You can trim down the unnecessary hindrances in work through offering all of this data in advance.

#2 Will This Be Developed On a Present Theme or a Brand New Theme?

This might be a technical question and you may not know the right answer. But still, you must have a clear picture on why your website is developed on a specific theme. In fact, there are three approaches to create a dynamic website using WordPress:-

  • Make use of an existing theme the way it is.
  • Design a customized wordpress theme or template right from the scratch.
  • Personalize the existing theme.

#3 Will The WordPress Website Be Mobile-Friendly?

There are usually three approaches to make the website mobile-friendly:-

  • Make the website responsive.
  • Create website particularly for the Smartphone users.
  • Ensure that your chosen wordpress specialist agrees to deliver you a website which works absolutely across all the latest devices, browsers and platforms.

#4 What Sort of Plugins Will Be Installed On The Website?

Even though WordPress is a search engine-friendly CMS, still all WordPress based websites need execution of SEO strategies for excellent outcomes. The hired wordpress specialist should have proper knowledge about the finest techniques to optimize your WordPress website. Your wordpress specialist must be experienced enough to take care of the important aspects connected to your website such as developing right permalinks and no canonicalization issues with the main domain.

#5 How Will The WordPress Website Stay Protected?

Being a famous and open-source platform, WordPress is at risk to the hacking problems. However, the website can be protected if your wordpress developer takes precautionary measures such as thoroughly coding the website to stop hackers’ entry, keeps your website regularly updated and utilizes and suggests preventative tools for safety purposes.

#6 Will Extra Website Backup Be Provided?

This is not really important to be done, but it is better that your wordpress website has a complete backup solution. If anything happen to your website in future then, you can restore the website’s previous version easily. So, you should ask your wordpress specialist to keep a back-up version to save lots of time, efforts and money.

#7 Will the Developer’s Work Portfolio be provided and Expected Time for Project Completion?

While browsing through the portfolio of the wordpress developer you are considering for WordPress website development will assist you know what kinds of projects they have worked on successfully in the past. It delivers you a small idea on the level of developer’s expertise and total number of contented clients. Also make sure to ask about the expected time for the completion and delivery of your project.

#8 Will You Give Assistance on Usage of WordPress?

If you are new to the WordPress interface then, you might ask your chosen wordpress developer to help you update your blog posts on a regular basis and confirm prior to hiring whether there would be an additional charge for this.

#9 The WordPress Website Get Tested Before Going LIVE?

Testing the website is extremely important to make sure that things are functioning in the desired manner. Ask the wordpress specialist to test your website accurately for ensuring that it is compatible with all the latest and popular web browsers. You must ask your coder about the testing factors covered and procedures employed.

#10 Is Website Maintenance Incorporated and what is the Total Cost for Maintenance?

However wordpress website development is a one-time process and maintaining the website to make it look eye-catching and operate it optimally is a big challenge. Ensure that your wordpress developer assures to deliver website maintenance services after the wordpress development project is finished. This might incur extra fees, so make it clear prior to taking the final decision.

#11 Do You Follow All the Web Standards?

Remember that all the online users do not make use of similar operating system or web browser. Your website must be created through following the web standards which allow it to render consistently on all the popular browsers. It also enables your website to evolve with the advanced technology. Ensure that your wordpress specialist makes use of smart coding and advanced technologies like ECMA, XHTML and CSS.

To make your wordpress website development a successful project that fulfills your business goals, ensure that you pose all the above mentioned questions while in quest for the right wordpress specialist and have a great hiring experience.

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