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How to Convert a HTML Template into an Engaging WordPress Theme?

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As the digitalization and online business are growing speedily, the clients are getting ready to invest huge amounts of money for their websites to professional html to wordpress conversion services providers having the right skill sets. You probably know the right technique to create an HTML and CSS website, but these websites would not work wonders for big businesses and even the blog sites presently.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you must understand how to convert your HTML web templates into a dynamic WordPress theme. Since a decade, online business owners adore having a modern websites with several amazing features and functionalities and this has happened only through knowing how to convert html website to wordpress.

Still there are hundreds of HTML websites that have to be upgraded into an engaging and feature-rich WordPress theme. The reason behind these websites not getting upgraded is that the website owners do not want to change their content or they want to keep it simple.

But the real reason is that they do not know how to convert html website to wordpress or they probably could not find the right html to wordpress conversion services provider that can get the work done without affecting their content and web-page formatting.

Let us just quickly understand the primary steps that involved in converting a HTML template into a dynamic and feature-rich WordPress theme.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Convert a HTML Template to WordPress Theme:

Step #1 Create Files and Theme Folder:

Firstly you have to create a folder and give it a right name. You can keep this folder anywhere so that you can access it anytime easily, whenever required. After this open the code editor, make below files and save it all in the above created theme folder. Keep all the files opened that are mentioned below so that you can edit them whenever needed:-

  • index.php
  • header.php
  • style.css
  • sidebar.php
  • footer.php

Step #2 Copy Old CSS to New Style.css:

If you do not want to change your website design then, just copy your old CSS and add it into the new style.css file.

Step #3 Copy and Paste your Existing HTML:

In your header.php file just cut and paste everything from your existing index.html website. Copy everything that is above the opening div class=”main” tag, now save the header.php file and then close it. After this choose the complete code aside the class=”sidebar” tag from your index.html file. Now copy and paste everything into the previously formed sidebar.php file. Save and then close the file. Now copy and paste everything after the sidebar class from the index.html file in the footer.php file and then save and close the file. Finally, pick all the remaining things from your index.html file and then copy and paste it into your index.php file after this save it, keep it open and move on to the next step.

Step #4 Index.php Finalization:

With the help of the newly created theme’s index.php file, call all the section that has been added in other files. After this add some basic PHP codes to exhibit the content to the visitors. After this save it and close your index.php file.

Step #5 Upload Your New Theme:

Once you are done with all the above mentioned steps, open your newly installed WordPress directory and add your wordpress theme folder into /wp-content/themes/. After doing this your new themes will become visible in WP Admin > Appearance > Themes. Activate it and release your spanking new WordPress website with your old website’s content.

So, when you want to convert your html website to wordpress theme, make sure that your chosen html to wordpress service agency follows all the above mentioned steps and delivers you with an extremely appealing and feature-rich WordPress theme.

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